avery goes to the dentist

Last week, on the 6th, Avery crossed another “first” off her list. She had her first dentist’s visit! It was basically a very quick practice run, but I’m counting it!

At Jeremy’s last appointment, our dentist suggested we bring Avery to the next check up. I was a little surprised that they wanted to see a 2-year-old, but I guess it never hurts to get them used to the dentist’s office and what goes on.

That morning I tried to get her to watch some YouTube videos about going to the dentist. She seemed curious during the first one. I asked her questions to make sure she knew what was going on. She liked the “big chair” and the “little mirror” that goes in your mouth.

Then she wanted nothing to do with the next video and yelled, “No dentist!” Great. Thankfully one of the suggested videos was an episode of Peppa Pig where they visit the dentist. Perfect. Avery happily watched that one 3 times. She liked the idea of the dentist again.

When we got to the office they had Jeremy sit in the chair and Avery watched what was going on. The hygienist gave Avery her own gloves and mask to wear. Avery thought that was the coolest thing. And she was really good about explaining to Avery what she was doing and when something would make a noise. Avery lost interest in the whole thing after a few minutes. So I had to bribe her to sit still with stickers.

When the dentist came in Avery had a little fit. I’m pretty sure it was because the hygienist called her “doctor.” Avery probably thought she was getting a shot.

After Jeremy finished, Avery took a turn in the chair.

wpid-20140806_162115_1_wm.jpgShe loved going up and down. She also got to look at the bright overhead light. She didn’t really want to have the little mirror in her mouth though. So I’m not sure how well she’s going to do when we bring her in for her first cleaning. They told us they think she will do fine. So we shall see.

She got a new Monsters Inc toothbrush and one of those squishy toys that sticks to the wall. So overall I think she liked the dentist.

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callie :: one

On July 24th, Callie hit the one month mark. I think time is going faster with this second baby. At the same time, I feel like Callie has been a part of our family forever. Maybe she has.


No doctors appointment this month. And we didn’t weigh her or take any stats. #secondbabyproblems

But I can tell you she was a good sleeper at night. Like she would give me a 5 or 6 hour stretch. But not anymore. Maybe someday again, Callie? Prettyplease.

The days have been a blur. I’ve survived being at home with both girls. Some days, barely. I’ve even managed to get some laundry done on most days. Super mom over here!

But mostly, I just take pictures of the girls and put them on Instagram.


I lucked out. Callie fell asleep and let me take a bunch of pictures to document one month!

This month you:

  • celebrated your first Independence Day. No fireworks this year. But your sister and cousin did splash you with water.
  • slept next to me in your Rock & Play. I like having you close, but not in the bed. I get better sleep that way.
  • went to the doctor twice. She told us you are perfect both times. But we already knew that.
  • went with me to your first book club meeting. You didn’t read the book, so you didn’t contribute to the discussion much. There you met Chloe, your BFF. You guys need to warm up to each other a little.image
  • went to MLB Fan Fest. You slept the whole time.
  • Let me take approximately 40,000 pictures of you. I hope you are getting used to that, because it doesn’t get any better.

And just for fun, a side-by-side of the girls at one month.

averycallie one month

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my favorite :: newborn pictures

The next week or so will probably be pretty heavy with the baby stuff. I need to play catch up. So much to document from the past 6 weeks!

Today I’m linking up with Friday Favorites over at Meet at the Barre.

We were lucky enough to have our friend Steph take Callie’s newborn pictures while we were in the hospital. She takes the best pictures of my family.

You can find here website here and on Facebook here.



My sister was there for the beginning of the photo shoot. I love this picture of her and Avery.


The nurses at the hospital were so wonderful about making Avery feel special. She loved her Big Sister bracelet!


My mom popped in near the end of the shoot.


newborncallie_08 newborncallie_28 newborncallie_29 newborncallie_31 newborncallie_42 newborncallie_45

Thanks again Steph. They are amazing!

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please welcome miss callie

Whoa. I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months! I guess I took my own version of a summer vacation. But I have a really good reason for being gone. I had a baby! But you probably already knew that.

I’m popping in to share some pictures and a quick(ish) birth story. So if that’s not your thing, just scroll through the pics!

Our story starts on Monday, June 23rd. My doctor’s office called to let me know that I was able to get an induction scheduled for Wednesday the 25th. The week prior, I had expressed my growing anxiety over this ever-growing baby. At last estimate she was over 8 lbs. And I know that isn’t super accurate, but I had a hard time pushing out Avery at less than 7 pounds. So I was pretty excited when he agreed that there would be no harm in inducing me. The baby’s head was really low (every appointment I was checked at they were surprised at how low she was), my water was “breakable” (I had no idea it could be un-breakable), and I was dilated. Woo!


the last pic of the Callie Bump. I miss it a little…

I had a mostly positive experience with Avery’s birth. I was induced and 12 hours later I had a baby. Works for me. I didn’t like the idea of laboring at home. In pain with no strong drugs. I didn’t even remember what contractions felt like, so I wasn’t too sad not to have to go through hours of pain at home.

Ha. Life, you know. I woke up at my usual 3am to use the bathroom. When I got back into bed I felt a little cramp on my right side. And didn’t think anything of it. I had been having random little cramps for a while. Then they happened again about 10 minutes later. And then again in another 10 minutes. Crap crap crap!

So I turned on the light and started timing them. They varied between 7 and 10 minutes, but were definitely intensifying. Jeremy had gone into Avery’s room at some point in the night and fell asleep with her. And I decided to let him sleep. Wife of the year over here.

His alarm went off a little after 5 am. When he staggered into the bedroom I told him, “I don’t thin you are going to work today.” He woke right up and got excited. By 5:30 the contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart. So I called my mom to give her a heads up that she will need to come over to watch Avery. And then the doctor’s office to see if I was able to come in yet.

I got the green light and started gathering things while we waited for my mom to get to our house. I was excited and nervous. And in pain. So I was ready to get to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 6 am, after a 5 minute drive. Contractions are 100x more painful in a car. Scientific fact.

They put me into a little room to check to make sure I was really in labor and get all my info, register, etc. My contractions were still 4-5 minutes a part but way more painful with the added bonus of feeling intense back pain every 5th or 6th contraction. I wanted my epidural.

It was determined I was dilated about 5.5 and I was set up in an actual delivery room.


officially in a room!

I was finally able to get my epidural at 9 am. That’s 6 hours after I noticed contractions, for those keeping track. Which I was. Laboring at home < at the hospital. I don’t know what kind of magic the anesthesiologist does, but it’s awesome. I was mostly pain-free. I could still feel some pressure when I had my back contractions. But I was still able to move my legs. Crazy.

We waited around. Boring things. The doc came in and broke my water. More waiting.

A little before 1 pm, the nurse checked my progress again. And I was at a 10! They called the doctor in and had me do some practice pushes. Umm, no thanks. I wasn’t ready for that. For some reason everything felt like it was moving way too fast! I started crying. I pushed for an hour with Avery. I didn’t want to do that again.

With the epidural still going strong, I couldn’t feel when I was having a contraction. So the nurse had to feel my stomach and we guessed when I should be pushing. So I pushed. About 3 times and she was out. I had another daughter. Insane.


meeting my newest love

I couldn’t believe she was finally here. I was so relieved everything went so smoothly. After a few minutes, the nurse asked if she could take her and clean her off. I handed her off. The nurse said she felt like Callie weighed about 7.5 lbs. Then she put her on the scale. 8 lbs 10 oz. We were all shocked.


she only gets these awesome curls after getting a bath.

As you can see, she has an amazing head of hair. That is the first thing anyone ever comments about. Her hair. One nurse said that is the most hair she has ever seen on a Caucasian baby. Haha. Thanks?


It felt like déjà vu meeting Callie. I think she looks identical to Avery when she was born. Every time I looked at her, it felt like I was back in time.


Top: Avery Bottom: Callie

I love being a mom of 2 now.


midnight snuggles

And Avery is doing great as a big sister. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Avery wanted to be just like her sister.

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wonderfully weekend :: spring has arrived!

Yep, it only took until the middle of May, but I think we can say spring is here. Finally!

Also, weekend recap on a Thursday? #overachiever

Saturday my wonderful friends threw Little Sister a sprinkle shower! We are so spoiled. Friends, flowers, food. So much food! I really should have taken a picture of the selection.


Aren’t those onsies just the cutest?! My friend Elizabeth made them. I can’t wait to use them!

The shower was nice and low key. We just hung out and chatted and ate the delicious food. My friends all chipped in to help us buy the double stroller we have had our eye on. Like I said, we were spoiled!

Thanks so much ladies for a great day!

Sunday we decided to stock up on some flowers. I love walking up and down the aisles, choosing which ones we want to plant on our deck for the summer.


It rained on Monday, so we actually got around to planting them on Tuesday. And we have 3 or 4 empty planters. So we will have to go back for some more this weekend. Oh, darn!

Sunday afternoon we had family/maternity pictures taken! I am so excited to see them! Avery was being so adorable. As usual. It was such a beautiful afternoon, besides the wind. So I’m sure my hair is in my face for every picture. : )


And now that it’s Thursday, I can look forward to another weekend! A long one at that.

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Mother’s Day 2014 :: the highlights

Mother’s Day 2014.

  • My lovely neighbor decided that 7:45 am was a fantastic time to vacuum out his garage. Or something in his garage. Which faces my bedroom window. He owes me a Mother’s Day present.
  • At least Avery wasn’t disturbed. I got to stare at her while she sleeps. Which doesn’t happen often anymore. She is always up before me. I loved the time reflecting on how grateful I am that she is mine. How she made me a mommy. And my heart explodes with love for her every day. Sappy, but 100% true.


  • Some of my gifts: Donuts. Yes! And Avery signed the card all by herself. I love it.


  • I like to think Avery got me the book, since we watch Mindy together. And Little Sister got me the Cold Stone card. Since she’s the reason I want ice cream so much!


  • Avery refused to say “I love you” to me all day. I would say it to her and she would say “Thank you!” and run away. Punk.
  • Spent some time with my mom and family. Had some Papa Murphy’s for lunch. Delicious!
  • Jeremy played outside with Avery while I took a nap.
  • We went out for a hibachi dinner. Because we are clearly obsessed.
  • Little Sister rounded the day out with the gift of heartburn.

Overall, I had a lovely Mother’s Day and felt the love!

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Avery’s first haircut!

Who knew we still had some “firsts” to get through at 2 years old?

I had been procrastinating on getting Avery a hair cut. For the most part it was because she didn’t have a ton of hair and it grew in really evenly. Besides the long bangs. Well. The bangs finally got to me. Avery had brushed her hair out of her eyes one too many times.

April 21, 2014 was the day. I was nervous about how she would be in the chair. I made sure to pack extra jellybeans and stickers in my purse. I went in expecting that she would be anxious and have to sit in my lap while she got the cut.

And I was wrong. She was a rock star. You would never have guessed this was her first cut.


Checking herself out in the mirror.

She loved being in the booster seat up so high. The salon had a bunch of toys and books to keep her busy.


Watching the action.


Reading a book. Always a highlight of her day.


Helping style her new ‘do.


Finished cut! What a pro!


The hair a few days later. “Lived in.” I love it.

The girl seems to love the salon. I am still in shock a little at how well she did. And she can see again! Win all around.

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hump day confessions [5.7.14]

Remember that time I posted 4 times in one week? Yeah, that was exhausting! But everything is exhausting for me lately…

Which brings me to my confessions.

HDC: I think my posts are going to be a bit more sporadic coming up. I still want to recap weekends if we do anything fun. And I will try to be confessing on Wednesdays, but I can’t make any promises. Like I said before, everything wears me out. My doctor confirmed it today. She said that second pregnancies take it out on you more. I’m 32/33 weeks, but it probably feels like I’m 36/37 weeks. And it does. Brings me to another confession:

HDC: I don’t know how I’m going to survive the next few weeks. I’m trying so hard not to complain. But it’s been a rough go these last couple of weeks. I am so thankful because I haven’t had the health issues like I did last time. But my body feels like it’s ready to quit. I haven’t been comfortable in over a week. Pillows aren’t cutting it anymore. But I know I this little lady has to cook for at least another month. And I will keep trying to curb my complaining.

HDC: This weekend the weather was gorgeous. I wish we could have lived outside. Avery got her first skinned knee/ripped pants of the year. Good thing I spend, like $5 on pants.


She still claims that she needs us to kiss her knee “all better.”

HDC: I love that Avery “gifted” me with all these rocks. The landscaping by our garage is all rocks. She spent a good amount of time carefully selecting each one to give me. Pretty cute. Also, don’t mind the blinding pale leg. Proof of the never-ending winter.


HDC: I am not a fan of our new downstairs neighbors. At. All.

HDC: We stay in our jammies most of the day, unless we have to leave the house. I’m not even that sorry about it.

HDC: All I want to eat are donuts. All. The. Time. I daydream about them. It is the strongest pregnancy craving I have had. And it won’t go away. Magically, I haven’t gained any weight in 4 weeks. I take that to mean I can have more donuts.

HDC: I don’t know if Little Sister’s clothes are going to fit in the new dresser we bought.

Contents: sheets, newborn size clothes, 0-3 month clothes. Good thing they fold up small…

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Vodka and Soda
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I see London… I see France… I need your help!

Another update for you on what I have been doing at work! Exciting, I know!

Remember when I worked a very glamorous photo shoot? I get to share with you why I was there!


We completely re-branded and relaunched our lingerie line! And the more stressful part: We launched a Kickstarter campaign today! EEK!


So here’s the deal: I would love it if you could help fund us. Like, love you forever and ever. And I’m offering up some personal incentives on top of the kick ass ones we are offering on Kickstarter.


If you pledge ANY AMOUNT: I will make sure your personal/blog Facebook and Twitter get some love.

If you pledge $20 or more: I will enter you into a drawing for an additional pair of UU, style of your choice.

If you are the awesomest of the awesome and pledge $50 or more: You get the 2 pairs offered via Kickstarter, plus I will throw in a TowelTopper.

And as an added fun bonus: Anyone who shares the Kickstarter link on Facebook will be entered into a drawing for a TowelTopper.

Just email jen [at] sgdstyle [dot] com letting me know how you helped me pimp this out and I will enter you in the drawing(s)!

Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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officially two years

Avery had her two-year check up on Friday, April 11, 2014. The last day of her “ones.”

:: vitals ::

    • weight: 28 (75-90%) Up 2 pounds in 6 months. Same percentiles as forever.
    • height: 34.5 inches (75-90%) Grew 1.5 inches.
    • head: 19.5 inches (25-50%)

birthday girl

:: what the doc said ::

You impressed her this visit because you know all your colors. She couldn’t stump you. You also didn’t cry at all when she checked your ears. Which might be a first. She said you are perfect and she knows you are going to be a great big sister.

:: favorites ::

You still love books. You have 3 books about a new baby/becoming a big sister. You love them all and want us to read them over and over again.

Now that the weather is getting a little nicer, you want to play outside all the time. You love the park and going down the slides all by yourself!

You love helping with the laundry and emptying the dishwasher. I pray this continues forever!

You have a wonderful imagination. You climb into boxes or bins and pretend you are blasting off into space to the moon. We have been playing with your beach toys lately. And you use them to build sand castles in the living room. You will take your bears and doll and change their diapers. Such a good little mommy.

:: other ::

      • eating: You have started telling us when you are ready to eat. “A-e hung-ey.” (Avery hungry) You say it all the time. You still eat really well. Anything we have for a meal, you have too.
      • sleeping: Not great. Someday?
      • teeth: I’m not sure how many teeth you have left to pop through. It can’t be too many now.
      • clothes: You are rapidly growing out of your 2T clothes. We are slowly getting you 3T things. But being in between seasons, we don’t want to get too much right now.
      • language: You constantly impress me with your words. Sometimes you will say something in the correct context that blows me away. The other day you were “cooking cake” and you tried it and yelled “deeee-licous” I have no idea where you learned that. That happens a lot. You are stringing together 3 and 4 word sentences. Like a person, or something.
      • learning: This is where I get to brag. It blows me away how smart you are. You know all of your colors. You know all the letters of the alphabet (as long as they are capitals). You know most numbers 0-9. Some of those still trip you up a little. And we are working on shapes now.
      • nicknames: I’ve been calling you “Avery Girl” a lot lately. Mostly because then you call me “Mommy Girl” and I love hearing you call me that. And if I’m really lucky, you call Daddy “Daddy Girl.”


Avery Girl, you bring me so much joy. I can’t even put it into words. As much as I miss you being my little baby, I love watching you grow and learn and explore.

You are such a little sweetheart. You give kisses and hugs. I love when you try to hug and kiss LucyCat. She’s not so into it. But you laugh and try again.

You just amaze me everyday. I adore the person you are becoming. And I feel so blessed that I get to be your Mommy.

twelve months // fifteen months // eighteen months

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