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I hope you all are staying warm during this, the 8th cold snap this winter. I’m trying so hard not to complain about the cold, because we live in Minnesota. Cold is to be expected. But this is getting old. I just want average temps. That shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Sigh. Maybe we will be warm again someday. August probably.

Alright, on the recapping my weekend! Friday night I pulled the pregnancy craving card. Again. It’s my favorite card. We went to Godfathers Pizza for the most delicious taco pizza. I could eat this pizza everyday. No joke.


Then we headed over to Target for some snowy shopping.

Saturday I was up before the sun. Which I am not exactly a fan of doing. But I was meeting some friends for breakfast before our puzzle contest. The contest was in St Paul, so we decided to meet at the M Street Cafe. Which is inside the St Paul Hotel. In case you don’t know, it was just named one of the best hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure. And is Fancy. With a capital F. Which is fine, but our puzzle team name was Yoga Pants Party. You can guess what we were wearing walking through the fanciest fancy hotel. If I cared, I would have been embarrassed. But I enjoyed classing down the place a bit.

The food was good and not too expensive. And since we were there at 7am, the service was speedy quick.

We walked across the street to the Landmark Center to the puzzle contest. We got there early to secure a good table. This wasn’t our first rodeo. I wish I could tell you the organizers took our criticisms from last year to heart. But they did not. And there were some grouchy puzzlers there. The quality of the puzzles was horrible. Bent, peeling pieces right out of the box. Pieces that wouldn’t go together when they should have. And pieces fitting easily together that were in the wrong spot. So frustrating! I feel another strongly worded letter is in my future.

We did manage to finish this year. Only because the picture on the puzzle was marginally better. And it was still fun to spend a morning with some of my friends.


Team Yoga Pants Party

We were going to name our team 4 Ladies and 2 Fetuses (since the two of us in the back are preggo) but Nobody wanted to write the word “fetuses” on the form. Wusses.

When I got back home, I started feeling sick. And ended up spending the rest of the day either sleeping in bed or laying on the couch, wishing I was in bed.

Sunday morning we tried out another new church. I was really nervous about dropping Avery off at the nursery. I had anxiety attacks on and off since the night before. In the past, she has not been a fan of being dropped off places. We usually get called back because she is spazzing so much and they can’t calm her down. So I made Jeremy drop her off. And I tried not to cry in the lobby.

And we were able to get through the whole service without being called in. I was amazed. Jeremy went to go get her and she didn’t want to stop playing to go with him. Sweet relief. We might just have to stick with this church because she liked the nursery!


Telling Elmo about how much fun she had at church.

The rest of the day was spend doing Sunday type things. Dreading Monday.

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8 Responses to wonderfully weekend :: puzzles and brrrr

  1. Julia says:

    Yeah, this cold is REALLY hard to deal with when you have little ones!! I’ve never tried Godfather’s pizza. I’ll have to check it out. Stay warm :).

  2. Jennifer Petrie says:

    that pizza has had my mouth watering since I saw the IG photo. YUM!

  3. Taco pizza?! Can I borrow your pregnancy card for a night?

  4. Chanda J says:

    Hey there! Cute blog! I love finding other bloggers from Minnesota as I am very new too it. The cold is getting VERY old I wholeheartedly agree!

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