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The time of year is upon us. Pink hearts wherever you look. And I don’t mind it one bit! I had a post floating around in my head about the bad rap Valentine’s Day gets and all the haters out there. But Kelly wrote all about it on her blog. And she put it in a much better way then I ever could! Go read it, but don’t forget to come back!

valentines 1

see the love, feel the love

Besides the fact that I love any excuse to decorate my house, I have always had a warm, fuzzy spot for Valentine’s Day.

In grade school I loved decorating my Valentines bag/mailbox. And I loved picking out my box of valentines from the store. Then I would carefully choose which valentine would go to which classmate. Always made sure to give my crush the best one! And party days were always so fun. All the candy and chocolate and sugar overload! There was one unfortunate year where I ate all my valentines candy in one evening. It was not good. I have been pretty good at rationing my candy ever since. Lesson learned.

valentines 2

hoho “doll” // garland // “love” heart and vase from Target dollar section

Even during my single years, and there were many, I liked celebrating the day of love. How can a day focused so much on chocolate be that bad??

Jeremy and I don’t go crazy with gifts or anything like that. We find a nice card for each other and he is usually good about getting my flowers. And more often than not, we get a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. Yum!

I love Valentine’s Day (any holiday) more now that Avery is around. I love showering her with love and cute little gifts. And as much as I’m dreading her school years, I can’t wait to help her with her own valentines.

I hope you feel the love today! And get your fill of chocolate!

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6 Responses to pink & hearts & love

  1. Kelly B. says:

    aww thank you for the shout out! We should totally bring back valentines mailboxes. I’d decorate a brown paper bag and hang it from my desk in a HEARTBEAT. haha.

  2. Dawn says:

    I totally agree with Kelly B……adults need valentine mailboxes, too!

  3. Heart shaped pizza?! I want one!

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