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Hello again, Monday. I don’t even know how to pretend I like you anymore…

This weekend was fun-filled and sped by at the speed of light. Friday night we went out to Perkins for dinner. Because we are allergic to cooking on Fridays. Everyone remembers us there because of Avery. She said “tee-te” (her version of thank you) when she got her crayons and we were complimented on her manners. See? She’s pretty memorable.


the girl loves apple juice.

Then our [male] waiter says to me: Did you tell me you’re pregnant?
Me: No.
Him: But you are, right?
Me: Yep.
Him: Congrats. [And then he asks Avery if she is excited to be a big sister. Answer: no] Twins, right?
Me: [in my head: what. the. hell.] out loud: Nope, just one.
Him: Are you sure? That’s going to be one big baby.

Sigh. Why do people still do this? When will they learn? Just don’t say anything to a pregnant lady. Especially about the size of her belly. Ugh, thanks for making me feel like crap, guy.

Saturday I took this selfie before I left the house. Not fishing for compliments, but seriously. I think I look like someone who is about halfway along in her pregnancy. Not someone carrying twins.


pictures in the mirror are so awkward…

After snapping this, I headed out to meet some of my girls for brunch. We try to meet once each month. I love spending some quality time with these ladies. And we ended up with a huge turnout. Of all the girls in state, all 8 of us showed up. Thankfully the Edina Grill had a huge booth for us. I would have snapped a pic of my meal, but I was so hungry that I devoured it as soon as the waitress set it down. Yum.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to Jo-Ann Fabric and took a sewing 101 class. And I loved it! I am so excited to know how to use my machine again. And naptime will be the perfect time to perfect my new skills. I signed up for another class this week and am taking a third in March. I might be addicted.

Sunday we went to a Super Bowl party at our friends Ryan and Annie’s house. We pregamed with the Kitten Bowl. Adorable. I love the Super Bowl for all the food and the commercials. Well, thank goodness there was food, because the commercials were a huge disappointment. Thank goodness for Bruno mars saving the night. I loved the halftime show. We had a dance party in the kitchen. So fun!

And this morning Rafflecopter chose a winner for my Blogiversary Giveaway! Everyone, please congratulate my favorite Boston Blogger, Kate on winning the grand prize! Thanks to everyone who entered! I had a lot of fun reading your comments and I hope to do another contest soon!

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10 Responses to wonderfully weekend :: super

  1. Jenn says:

    you are super cute…not twins at all.

  2. Brittany says:

    Everyone is sewing!! Makes me want o relearn it.

  3. Yay! So excited to see the surprises and your favorites!

    I used to LOVE Perkins and then I once got a ceasar salad with a GRASSHOPPER in it! I haven’t been able to go back since. It was in Orlando.

  4. Julia says:

    You are such a busy mama! I sound so lazy compared to you! And I HATE it when people comment on someone’s size when they are pregnant. It is SO clueless. You look great.

    • Jen says:

      Don’t be fooled. I am usually the laziest during the week. The weekends are just so much easier to get things done because my husband is around!

  5. Carly R says:

    We LOVED Perkins in college (chicken tender melt with onion rings and ranch dressing was my hangover go-to meal. No wonder I gained so much weight)! My husband and I would go occasionally and then about a year ago, all the Perkins in our area closed :(

    I don’t think you look like twins either. People say the dumbest things to pregnant women! How far along are you? If you are halfway, we must have pretty close due dates! I am about 20 1/2 weeks and am due June 22.

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